DELANO SBC series bass pickups are dual or quad-coil electric bass humbuckers in the classic bass soapbar shapes, available for four, five, six and seven-string basses. They represent the leading edge in dedicated bass transducer technology. Unbelievably full and open sound throughout the entire spectrum with tight bottom, airy midrange and heavenly harmonics unrivalled by ANY other bass pickup. Finally your bass CAN sound like it should. Available as individual units or in perfectly matched pairs.

We designed the SBC 6 HE/S for the discerning 6-string bass player who demands the most from his own and his instruments sonic performance.
Anything from deep solid grooves, fluid walking bass, singing melodies, chords and harmonics, all poured out by the same hands on the same instrument. Every detail has to be right there, at your command. We know the challenge. Tight phat bottom, warm breathing midrange presence crowned by luxuriously shimmering overtones at your very fingertips, ready to capture every aspect and fine nuance of your playing. Wherever you go, whatever you want to express,
the DELANO SBC 6 HE/S will deliver with grace and authority.


SBC 6 HE/S尺寸:


  • Length: 118 mm / 4,65 in
  • Width: 32 mm / 1,26 in