This pickup combination challenges the tenacity of precision with the classic growl of jazz. The single coil jazz pickup will announce its presence by creating noise when combined with the P pickup, which is actually essential to the creation of the classic P/J sound. The sum of this pickup combo’s overall tone is pretty similar to our other P/J models; however, in the presence of the P pickup, the single coil J becomes rowdy, growly, and a tad bit rude—unforgiving in its output but apologetic in the delivery of its soulful high end. If you don’t mind the noise that succeeds these two riled up playmates, then this P/J combo will without a doubt satisfy you with its tuneful expression and classic style.

Technical Details:

  • NP4V pickup and an NJ4 bridge position as a set.
  • Smaller magnet load in the NP4V.
  • Available in Alnico III or V magnets:
    • Alnico V: all around brighter, punchier, and meaner (Standard).
  • Drop-in P/J combo replacement pickups.
  • 19mm string spacing standard.
  • Available in black plastic covers.
  • Laser cut, fiber bobbins.
  • Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.



Jazz Bridge

  • Length: 3.73” (94.74 mm)
    Width: .72” (18.29 mm)

P Pickup

  • Length: 2.26” (57.40 mm)
  • Width: 1.10” (27.94 mm)




  • Length: 2.26” (57.40 mm)
  • Width: 1.10” (27.94 mm)

NJ5 Bridge

  • Length: 3.73” (94.74 mm)
  • Width: .72” (18.29 mm)

History: This P/J design stems from the arrival of our NP4V a few years back, when we decided to check out the tone we could create by pairing these new lower output P pickups with our standard J. The result is a tone that is extremely similar to the NPJ4, only the decreased magnet load in the P pickup provides a smoother neck tone that aggravates the growl of the J pickup.