The MM5.4 is the 5 string version of the MM4.4. Its coils are split in basically the same fashion, only each row of magnets has a 2 string coil (B and E) and a 3 string coil (A, D, and G). Just as the MM4.4, this pickup can be split and remain hum-canceling in any configuration: front coil, rear coil, series, and parallel. Wired in parallel, you can expect classic Music man tone—scoop, power, and zing! While in series the midrange is given an extra hand in facilitating scoopy scandalousness. This pickup’s powerful tone can be most accurately facilitated through choosing a Lakland installation, where the three way switch selects front, rear, or parallel coils. With this MusicMan style pickup handling that extra fifth string, the tonal possibilities that may arise from coil switching through the 5.4’s perplexing vibrations will surely leave you satisfied.

Technical Details:  

  • Hum-canceling (quad coil) 5 string Music Man-type bass pickup.
  • Drop-in replacement MM bass pickup.
  • Alnico V magnets.
  • Laser cut, fiber bobbins.
  • Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.
  • Given that the industry does not have a standard spacing for this style of pickup, we offer three different spacing and cover combinations:
    • Soap bar shape with no ears and narrow spacing. These have a rectangular cover and narrow spacing that will work on original Music Man five string: 17.5mm
    • Larger shape with ears and wide spacing. These will fit Lakland and other basses with a wide spacing: 19mm
    • Larger shape with ears and narrow spacing. These will fit OLP (not the OLP Tony Levin signature model) and other basses with a narrow spacing: 15.25mm
    • Custom spacings are available upon request.



MM5 Wide Shape:

  • Length: 4.60” (116.84 mm)
  • Width: 1.90” (48.26 mm)


MM5 Narrow

  • Length: 4.42” (112.14 mm)
  • Width: 1.95” (49.53 mm)


History: Naturally, the MM5.4 was created in order to fit the MM4.4 style to 5-string basses. This pickup is especially significant given its array of spacing choices and switching configurations, which upholds the tonal malleability between series and parallel that make quad coil pickups desirable. Here at Nordstrand, our technicians and craftsmen are constantly playing with the technicalities of these dynamic pickup models, and are always looking to deduce yet another creative take on the quad coil design.