MM4.4 絕對是給想要切換單/串聯/並聯線圈,又怕單線圈 noise 的貝斯手!它厲害的地方在於每個磁鐵列其實分成兩個線圈,這樣一来不管你怎麼切單線圈 (front/rear)或是切串/並聯 (series/parallel),聲音都可以保持無底噪!

想要經典的 MusicMan 音色?並聯模式 (parallel) 给你! scooped 中頻、強勁的低頻和明亮的穿透力,一顆拾音器給你齊了,想要更猛的中頻,切成串聯 (series) 模式就對了。

MM4.4 的音色延續了 MM4.2 的特色,一樣是強勁的低音、經典的 scooped 中頻和悅耳的高頻,但是!多了線圈切換的選擇,讓音色可塑性更高,不僅能得到 70 年代的vintage tone,也帶來更暗沉一點的現代感。

Technical Details:

  • Hum-canceling (quad coil) 4 string Music Man-type bass pickup.
  • Drop-in replacement MM bass pickup.
  • Alnico V magnets.
  • 19mm string spacing standard.
  • Available in black plastic covers.
  • Laser cut bobbins.
  • Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.



  • Length: 4.0” (101.6 mm)
  • Width: 1.895” (48.13 mm)


History: The MM4.4 was born when some the technicians at Nordstrand accidentally burned a hole in the sonic continuum (we’re not sure what that is either) with the high-powered industrial laser we use to cut vulcanized fiber. Someone decided to throw an old MM4.2 through the void to see what would happen and, low and behold, the pickup was instantly spat back in four parts—four separate coils. Since that fateful day when the hand of an inter-dimensional entity gave us a clue as to the trajectory of the MusicMan design, we have been working on finding ways to implement this quad coil conception into other pickup models. This pickup was immaculately fabricated in Redlands, CA.