Our MC 5 HE/S is a dual coil humbucking pickup.

Great fivestring tone with excellent string to string balance and articulation. Tight muscular fundamentals with true and focused midrange plus highs that will never sound artificial. Beautiful, ringing harmonics formerly thought to be virtually impossible in dual coil, wide sensing area designs. It will easily handle string spacings up to 76 mm at the bridge (19 mm or 3⁄4 inch string to string). Does not mud up with chords and low register staccato bursts. Parallel wiring turns the entire unit into cleanmeister mode, maintaining full bottom, scooped mids and spectacular brilliance on top.


MC 5 HE/S尺寸:


  • Length: 89 mm / 3,50 in
  • Width: 48,4 mm /1,91 in