Our fivestring dual coil humbucker MC 5 FE with exposed polepieces represents the cutting edge of modern fivestring bass tone.

The 9,5 mm pole slugs and two XL size coils capture every aspect of your strings vibrations and transform them into fullspectrum dynamic bass energy. Fat sub-lows but clear fundamentals, ultra fast transient attack and crunchy mid-presence highlited by an incredibly clear and open top end that further brightens up when the coils are switched to parallel. No low register breakup with low drop tunings and aggressive playing. This beast loves slammin´ and massive tone tweaking, but it is equally able to deliver a wide range of rather civilized tones.


MC 5 FE尺寸:


  • Length: 105 mm / 4,13 in
  • Width: 48,5 mm / 1,91 in