Legacy 115 Bass Combo




Legacy 115 Bass combo 的特色是結合完整的Legacy 音箱頭和 Neo 單體合而為一,Combo上的前後級就是Legacy 音箱頭,這個系列以 800瓦後級推動能力搭配12/15/2*10/2*12/4*10 的單體組合,設計上特別實用的是有 Power output 可以外接Cab,也就是使用Combo的同時也能推一般被動箱體 Cab,8/4 ohm 的箱體組合都能推得動(800w後級),在外場演出時就是一組方便攜帶的整合式 Head/Cab 。同時也 Legacy combo 的聲音完全沒有妥協,充滿拳拳到肉的結實低頻power,這個系列是方便、實用又好聽的另一種選擇!


  • Four band active EQ
  • Universal Power for 110 volts and 220 volts
  • Foot Switchable Overdrive with Tone Control (Footswitch Included)
  • Overdrive Tone Control: “Drive”, “Level”, “Edge”
  • “Bump”, “Contour”, and “Presence”
  • Voicing Filters
  • Balanced XLR Output with Pre and Post EQ
  • Unique Interconnection System: Eliminates problems that develop from constant use
  • Unbalanced ¼” Send and Return
  • Aux Input and Headphones Output
  • Circuit Boards with Gold Plated Connectors
  • Neodymium Speakers Designed and Produced at GK’s California Factory
  • Each Combo Equipped with the Latest 800 Watt Switch Mode Power Amp