JC 4 HE/M2


A split coil humbucking JB® 4-string pickup with the narrow sensing area of a classic single coil, the JC 4 HE/M2 gives you a full range single coil tone without any of the headaches of previous designs.

Our advanced coil design employs custom steel blades, special magnets and full shielding. Its full bass and tight low mids blend fine with very articulate midrange into sparkling harmonic overtones. Just the right amount of output works great in full passive operation and interacts meticulously with today´s internal or external preamps and/or EQs.


JC 4 HE/M2尺寸:


  • Length: 92 mm / 3,62 in
  • Width: 18,5 mm / 0,73 in



  • Length: 95 mm / 3,74 in
  • Width: 18,5 mm / 0,73 in