he DJC 5 HE/M2 is a twin JB® quad coil, double humbucking 5-string pickup capable of covering a multitude of sounds and this all due to different wiring options.

Basically, it is two JC 5 HE/M2 pickups side by side. Sweet JB® tones, classic rock and fat R&B, clean but mean grand piano style wire, to rootsy dub and reggae are only few of the sounds a pair of DJC 5 HE/M2 pickups will put under your command. Also great with JC 5 HE/M2 in neck position.
Tight and focused low-B and E strings and fantastic string-to-string balance and response. Recommended for passive, active and hybrid installations.


DJC 5 HE/M2尺寸:

  • Length: 92 mm / 3,62 in
  • Width: 43 mm / 1,69 in