Vechoor 的特色在於內部包含了兩組Chorus類比電路,並且各有不同的Chorus聲音特色,兩組電路同時運作時,您會聽到Vechoor輸出獨特的chorus tone 非常自然,並且帶有微妙的Harmonic Saturation,可選擇Mono/Stereo輸出,Vechoor是一顆range廣、音色可調性相當高的Chorus。

A stereo Multi-Chorus effect, built with two independent analog chorus circuits. Each of them is using a different type of modulation and its own sound.

Both circuits work simultaneously and create a unique sound spectrum characteristic. This makes the sound of the instrument extremely moldable, mild and aligned. Harmonics’ saturation is very natural.

There are two separate control shaping systems: Chorus and Enhancer. As a result, at the output of the effect three mixed signals are acquired: the original sound plus Chorus and Enhancer-Chorus. The combination of those three elements gives the impression of polyphone.

Vechoor’s output allows MONO or STEREO configuration settings.

  • DEPTH –  determines the degree of CHORUS modulation
  • MODE – three way mode selector switch:
    NORMAL – classic chorus
  • ENHANCER – adjustment of the chorus level, expanding polyphone sound in the low registers.
  • RATE – controls speed of CHORUS modulation
  • DETUNE – determines the degree of CHORUS and ENHANCER detuning
  • POLARITY AUTO DETECTION – allows using power supply with center-positive or center-negative polarity
  • DC ASSISTANT: protects from loss of signal. Effect switches automatically to the “bypass mode” in case of disconnection or low voltage of DC supply (<6V).
  • MONO/STEREO mode output
  • DIMENSIONS: (H x W x D) 65 x 96 x 144mm
  • WEIGHT: 0,5kg