The Soundblox 2 Orbital Modulator is a super-compact, durable, and highly flexible multi-effects pedal with a dynamic collection of precision-engineered phaser, flanger, chorus, and tremolo effects. Twelve effect types, nine adjustable parameters, plus internal or external modulation control, emphatically elevate this micro-monster well beyond the sonic limitations of traditional modulation pedals.
The Orbital Modulator’s rack-mount power delivers endless modulation possibilities including multi-voiced choruses, through zero flange, rotary speaker simulation, variable notch phasers and much more. Its nine adjustable parameters include DEPTH, FEEDBACK, DELAY, FREQUENCY, VOLUME, LoRETAIN, TREMOLO, MIX, and SPEED. Control modulation either internally or externally: sine and square wave LFO plus forward and reverse Envelope Followers offer vibrant internal modulation, while the pedal’s compatibility with MIDI control signals, the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal, or any of our Hot Hand motion sensor rings provides precise external control. Once you’ve dialed in the perfect sound, save it one of two user presets easily recalled via two footswitches. The unit also comes with a 9VDC power supply.
Source Audio 2013年推出的殺手級小鋼砲 Orbital Modulator 涵蓋了 5個種類: Chorus, Flanger, Resonator Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo 總共14種效果集合於一身,加上9個調整效果參數絕對可以玩出獨一無二的效果,2組儲存空間可記憶效果參數,Orbital Modulator 功能超強並且非常方便攜帶!

Orbital Modulator特色

1. 豐富的音色選擇 — 3種 Chorus效果, 3種 Flangers效果, 2種 Resonator Flangers效果, 5種 Phasers 加上 Tremolo.

2. 短小精幹的體積,不占空間、方便攜帶

3. 可儲存2組音色設定,用2個腳踏開關切換

4. 9 個效果參數調整 — Depth, Delay, Frequency, Feedback, Volume, LoRetain(保留BASS低頻用), Tremolo, Mix, and Speed. 

5. 多樣化的 6 個效果調變控制 — Sine Wave LFO, Square Wave LFO, Envelope Follower, Hot Hand, Expression Pedal, and MIDI.

6. 可選擇 buffered bypass 或 true bypass.

7. 可透過MIDI介面存取設定、設定參數

8. 高效能 56-bit DSP(數位訊號處理器)搭配24bit 類比數位轉換器,處理音訊不延遲、不吃TONE

9. 含9V DC變壓器