Introducing the latest innovation from Source Audio, The Hot Hand USB Wireless MIDI Controller. The Hot Hand USB’s motion-sensing accelerometer enables simple control over previously complicated processes and opens up a new frontier of possibilities for audio and light production.

The USB receiver translates motion signal from the wireless Hot Hand ring into MIDI for communication with MIDI compatible software such as Ableton, Reason, Pro Tools, Logic, Traktor, and many more.

The uses for the Hot Hand USB go beyond genre and even art form. EDM DJs, dancers, session musicians, lighting designers, mixing/mastering producers, and other creative artists can all radically change or even improve the way they approach their craft with the Hot Hand USB. Buy one today and be the first to break new ground.


Source Audio最新力作~USB Hot Hand可應用於DJ/數位音樂製作/燈光設計/混音工程,USB接收器將Hot Hand Ring的訊號轉換成MIDI傳遞到任何支援MIDI的錄音混音軟體,無須安裝驅動程式! 也可以下載設定程式調整Hot Hand動作參數,USB Hot Hand 絕對能把你的音樂創意發揮到淋漓盡致!

*可搭配Ableton, Reason, Pro Tools, Logic, Traktor等軟體