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The Guitar OFD features incredibly natural modeling of twelve classic tones including, Marshall Amplifiers®, Mesa Boogie Amplifiers®, the Fulltone OCD®, Ibanez Tube Screamer®, EHX Big Muff Pi®, Pro Co Rat®, Tone Bender®, Fuzz Face®, and Octavia®. The box also includes a super saturated METAL tone for the head-bangers, an extremely nasty, spitting fuzz called the GATED FUZZ, and Source Audio’s own CRUNCH TUBE, which delivers an extra aggressive tube overdrive.

Soundblox® 2 OFD (Overdrive+Fuzz+Distortion) Guitar microModeler 特色

1. 豐富音色選擇 – 總共12種 Overdrive、Fuzz、Distortion 

2. 可儲存、快速切換2組參數

3. MIX 鈕可調整原始音色和OFD效果的融合度

4. 3段EQ控制 – Treble/Mid/Bass 更精確調整偏好的tone

5. 3段 Noise gate 控制

6. 可選擇 Buffered Bypass  Relay True Bypass

7. 多功能輸入介面(Multi-Function Jack) – 可外接Hot HandDual Expression PedalMIDI控制訊號

8. 高效能 56-bit DSP(數位訊號處理器) – 搭配24bit 類比數位轉換器,處理音訊不延遲、不吃TONE

9. 9V DC變壓器