Diamond Guitar Compressor與其他壓縮效果器不同的特色在於增強聲音的動態,實際使用後可以發現音色顆粒變得更清晰厚實,穿透力變得更強並且不會吃掉原來的琴音色,搭配實用的EQ鈕可以修飾出最理想的味道,十分建議把這顆Compressor當作表演錄音時增強音色的工具。


Recording studios often use rackmount ‘vocal channels’ – a mic preamp, compressor, and EQ all in one unit as a front end for vocal recording. The Diamond Compressor is our take on a ‘guitar channel’ – a dynamics and tone shaping tool for live and studio use, with low-noise, ultra-linear signal buffering, smooth opto-based compression, and a versatile ’tilt’ EQ that musically shifts overall frequency balance.

All in a user-friendly 3-control package – Comp, EQ and Volume.

Click here for a sample MP3 clip of the Diamond Compressor with EQ on. The guitar used is a Fender American Standard Strat (2nd Pos), into the compressor, and out to a Fender Vibro-King. The sample starts with no effect and then switches to an effect.

Click here for a sample MP3 clip of the Diamond Compressor with EQ on. The guitar used is a Rickenbacker 330 (bridge), into the compressor, and out to a Vox AC30 Reissue. The sample starts with no effect and then switches to an effect.

Well so far it kills every compressor I’ve tried.. I love the tone of this one, and your right the EQ knob is brilliant. http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=133343 

I believe the Diamond Compressor would be useful in any style of music, as it only works to improve the tone of the guitar.  http://www.humbuckermusic.com/dicopere.html 

“The pedal does its job extraordinarily well, with absolutely no additional noise audible in the signal, the EQ tilt, the volume setting, standard 9v battery and power adaptor operation, in a tough, durable and small pedalboard-friendly format. This is a well-designed and well-executed product.” http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/guitar_effects/diamond/compressor/index.html?no_takeover 

“The Diamond Compressor is one of the most transparent/unintrusive compressor out there! It works more than a studio compressor than a pedal. http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=349606


– Vactrol opto-isolator variable resistance path as used in
high-end studio compressors for smooth attack and decay
characteristics while preserving initial signal transients.
– Premium audio components, including 2% polypropylene
capacitors,1% metal film resistors and a pro audio grade
opamp (our signal path opamp alone costs 8 to 10 times
what the industry norm uses).
– Post-compressor ’tilt’ EQ provides a very musical
tailoring of frequency response – seamlessly transition
from a darker jazz voicing to a brighter jangle,
with flat frequency response at the center detent position.
– Double filtering stage in side chain to eliminate
low frequency modulation while preserving fast
compression response.
– Dual AC capacitive coupling paths for improved
transient response.
– Bi-color LED provides visual indication of depth
of compression.
– True bypass signal path.
– Battery or standard negative tip 9V DC
adapter operation, can be powered from
9 to 24 V negative tip.