Thick saturated fuzz with amazing amounts of low-end – the Fireburst. To add to its utility, we put in a unique, footswitchable mid-boost eq and pre/post gain circuit that snaps the fuzz into focus and turns the Fireburst into a tightly focused distortion pedal. The fuzz and distortion gain and mid-boost eq circuits are all discrete component, while we use an audiophile grade opamp for an active Baxandall bass/treble control. The bass and treble controls act independently at extended frequency extremes (<150 Hz and > 3 kHz), allowing for some very interesting post-distortion tonal shaping.



– true bypass signal path.
– footswitchable beween thick liquid fuzz and focused mid-boosted distortion.
– premium audio components, include 2% polypropylene capacitors and 1% metal film resistors.
– all discrete-component distortion and mid-boost circuit. 
– active Baxandall bass/treble tone control system with audiophile grade op-amp.
– battery or standard negative tip 9V DC adaptor operation.