Diamond Pedal回應了廣大Bass手的需求,原本的Compressor在Bass手圈引起廣大迴響後,Diamond改良原本的Compressor成為Bass專用版本,推出之後在全球最大的Bass論壇Talkbass大受好評,在知名的Bass Compressor評測網站Ovnilab中獲得極高評價,不吃Tone、音色通透及增加音色肥厚度是Diamond BASS COMP廣受歡迎的原因!

Diamond Bass Compressor與其他壓縮效果器不同的特色在於增強聲音的動態,實際使用後可以發現音色顆粒變得更清晰厚實,穿透力變得更強並且不會吃掉原來的琴音色,搭配實用的EQ鈕可以修飾出最理想的味道,十分建議把這顆Compressor當作表演錄音時音色修飾、增強的工具。


  • 平滑流暢的音色,光學式Opto壓縮,對於低頻節奏的動態處理比傳統JFET式壓縮更好
  • 使用專業音響等級的電路元件和訊號IC,音訊電路所成本是一般效果器的8~10倍
  • 獨特的Tilt EQ,可選擇頻率900Hz或250Hz音色甜蜜點
  • 雙AC電容耦合電路讓Bass音色透徹,聲音不因壓縮過後失去了原有的特色
  • True Bypass
  • 附18V變壓器


The original Diamond Compressor has become one of our most well known products, loved by players for it’s smooth response and ability to enhance your instruments tone. Turns out that bass players have discovered the Compressor (many via it’s discussion on the TalkBass online forums) and while it generally works great for 4-string passive basses, the performance with 5/6 strings and high output active basses was less than ideal as the frequency response and headroom was optimized for guitar use.

Our response to that interest is the new dedicated Bass Comp, the first Diamond pedal designed specifically for bass players. With low frequency response extending down to 20Hz and increased headroom, the Bass Compressor is ideal for 4/5/6 string basses, both active and passive.

We’ve also revoiced the Tilt EQ control, offering bassists the choice of the original 900Hz tilt point or a new 250Hz setting, accessible via a mini toggle.